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Specialists in monetising Bank Guarantees / SBLCs, arranging business loans, project funding & PPPs 

Our Vision

Millennium Consultants is a leading financial source in the fields of monetising bank instruments, helping intelligent resourceful investors to embark upon a Private Placement Program and project funding. Clients recognise our honest financial analysis, high quality presentation, efficiency and reliability.


Millennium Consultants can arrange funding for all kinds of commercial projects ranging from $5M to US$ 1000 M if these are backed by mandatory collateral securities. We offer a variety of financing solutions to suit your projects including secured loans, non-recourse loans and Joint-Venture Financing. We represent several lending platforms which offer flexible terms. Some projects could be funded upto 100% depending upon the nature of the project, project owner's ability to submit the desired collateral and lender's willingness to accept it. We can also arrange Business Loans, Unsecured Personal Loans and Mortgages. 

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our reliable SBLC providers are not issuing fresh-cut SBLCs until further notice. We are regretting our clients who are approaching us for new SBLCs. As soon as the situation changes, we shall resume this service. Inconvenience is regretted.  

Based in London Call us for Free Initial Advice 0330 998 0644 or email

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