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"We arrange funds for all kinds of profitable projects located anywhere in the world"


At Millennium Consultants we offer guidance / services to industrialists and entrepreneurs who seek funds to take their dream projects to the next level. We specialize in providing personal guidance to suit the individual needs of every entrepreneur. We offer personal guidance and expertise at all stages of project funding. We provide comprehensive information on funding opportunities available from various platforms. At the same time care and support is provided to help borrowers determine their ability to repay their loans on time.

Millennium Consultants represents investors and lending Institutions located all across Europe, Middle East and USA. We listen to the entrepreneurs and help them make the best choice. In order to offer an honest advice, we study each case individually by conversing with the entrepreneurs or the industrialist and recommend the most appropriate forum and the lending programs corresponding with their needs, ability, motivation and satisfaction of each client. 

There are lots of choices and important decisions to be made when applying for a loan. We provide comprehensive information to help our clients choose the right kind of loan, right lending institution and the right terms and conditions to suit their professional and personal needs. 

We represent investors, lending platforms and merchant banks based in U. K, Canada, Asia, USA and Europe. Brochures from such lending platforms and audio visual resources (DVD) are also available to give entrepreneurs details about the kinds of loans, equity partnership and JV available. 

Our financial advisers can give you personalized counselling on lending offers available to you based on your project, work-experience, financial plan and other preferences. If you have a preposition which needs investment, we may explore the possibility of getting it financed. We would try our best to help you. You will need a properly written business plan coupled with estimated income outlay for next five years. If the BP is ready, please e-mail it to us. We do not offer small loans. Only loans in excess of US$ 10 million backed by collateral security are considered. Experienced counsellors guide you through the entire process of arranging your loan right from the selecting of a lender, studying its T&Cs and ensuring quick disbursement at your banking institution.

Investors are invited to get in touch with us to fetch a high profit yielding project which will multiply their investments manifold. We specialise in Project financing, which is an innovative and timely financing technique that has been used on many high-profile corporate projects. Employing a carefully engineered financing mix, it has long been used to fund large-scale natural resource projects, from pipelines and refineries to electric-generating facilities and hydro-electric projects. Increasingly, project financing is emerging as the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide.

Millennium Consultants  might also help industrialists in arranging banking instruments like BG, SBLC and Surety Bonds at very competitive rates. These banking instruments are used as collateral security to fetch loans from banks, private investors and other unconventional lenders.

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