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PPP & its implementation

Managed growth of investment

Private Placement Programs


Clients who possess $ or Euro 100 million or more parked in any top commercial bank with AAA rating, might qualify to place funds into a Private Placement Program (PPP). Although you must be invited to join any PPP, these lucrative programs offer a safe and secure means of multiplying your wealth.


This opportunity has the potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement. You might soon be enjoying the benefit and profit from this yielding investments. Please note that we are not providing any financial or securities advice. (This notice is as per our Legal Advice.)


Applicants are expected to be experienced investors who are familiar with how these investments are done. We DO NOT formally educate or provide any advice as to how one can incorporate this PPP strategy into his / her financial plan.


The returns will be indicated to the fund owner by the trader in a Deed of Agreement. Normally, DOA is issued after the due diligence process is complete. It is worth noting for the sceptical investors that their money is never transferred to another account. Investments of 100 million and above are blocked at fund owner's bank through a standard MT 760 or MT 799. Smaller investments of one million and less than 20 million are often desired to be transferred into a pool of investments located at a specific bank. But at different times of the year, Small Cap Programs for 10M are also available. It is up to the fund owner to decide if he is ready, willing and able to transfer his money to the designated bank account of the trader. A SBLC from a top bank with a minimum face value of US$/Euro 100 million might be accepted to be put in trade program.


Private Placement Program Details & Procedure


· Bank instruments (CD, MTN, BG, SBLCs, etc.) or liquid funds as CASH in any top bank are accepted by most PPP operatives

· Standard PPP begins with 100 million or more. Small Cap Programs accept one million and up - no top limit USD or Euros (cash or acceptable AA - AAA Rated collaterals)

· Minimum requirement is 100 million and no top limit USD or Euro (cash or acceptable AA - AAA Rated bank instruments might be used as collateral)

Note: Small Cap Programs between 1M to 10M are rarely available. Please check for availability.

· Bank should preferably have swift capability. Any top Bank must issue Swift MT760 in favour of trader’s designated bank account

· After completion of due diligence, the client’s bank holding the Cash funds or issuing the bank instrument must send a free message [Swift MT 199] to the trader’s designated bank confirming its readiness to either block funds or to issue a bank instrument.

· Trader’s Bank will then reply to the client’s bank that it is ready, willing and able to receive the bank instrument [by Swift MT 199].

· Deed of Agreement [DOA] is issued by the trader AFTER both Banks had confirmed issuance and acceptance of the bank instrument.

· Trading occurs for a 40-Week program or as Agreed by the Trader

·  Historical returns can be discussed directly with the Trader. For bank instruments with face value 100M or more, returns might be as high as 100 per cent a month shared 50:50 with the trader. But returns are never guaranteed. These are indicative historic figures. Actual returns might be lower or higher.

· Face-to-face contract signing is very rare. All Signed documents are Emailed in PDF Format. This PPP opportunity is available to legitimate investors meeting the basic criteria as listed.


We are the intake officer for some trade platforms. Once all documentation is delivered to the Intake Officer the compliance process begins. At that point any and all due diligence will be completed for every applicant within a week. A week after the successful verification of cash funds or the respective bank instrument, the trade might begin. Profits might be paid to the investors weekly or monthly via wire transfers Swift MT103 into their designated Bank account.


NOTE: Investor’s money is never transferred to another account; it is just blocked through a MT760 or MT700 in his/her own account – if the account is located in any one of top 50 banks. The compliance package you need to get started in trade can be sent to you at your request in order to move forward. Traders might also consider accepting leased but cash backed SBLCs originating from a top bank.

All KYCs must be completed and signed in original on the KYC form in blue ink. Inserted signatures, for example by “per drop and paste”, will be not accepted. Such KYC’s are deleted just after the first examination without any feedback to the submitter. If the funds are in the name of a company, then please fill Corporate KYC. If the funds are in the name of an investor, then please fill Individual KYC. All enclosures in the KYC must be scanned in high resolution so that these are very clearly visible to the processor at the Back Office. All KYCs and tear sheets must not be more than 3-days-old or they might be rejected. The date on the bank statement [included as proof of funds] should be the same as the date on the KYC. Some clients seek details of the trader and his banking coordinates at the very outset. Such information can not be revealed until the client clears due diligence.


Millennium Consultants are the mandate for three trading platforms and work with many Bank Instrument Providers. We might do a Bank to Bank Verification of funds in Account to draw line of credit and place client’s fund  into a Private Placement Program.



This website is a LIAISON ONLY, and not liable. This general private information is in NO way an offer, invitation, or solicitation to invest, buy or sell Private Placement Programs

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