SBLC for $ / Euro 100 million or more from any one of the top banks like HSBC UK, Deutsche Bank Germany, RBS London, or Barclays UK are all acceptable for monetization. A list of top banks is available on request.

1. The Client will send us a complete KYC pack with full banking coordinates.

If the SBLC is already issued: 

2. The Client will send copies of original SBLC and also ATV to verify on Bank to Bank basis. The SBLC owner must be willing to re-assign the bank instrument in favour of the monetizing group backed by MT760. LTV for non-recourse monetization might be 70% of its face value [subject to confirmation, verification and if it is originating from a top AAA rated bank].

If the SBLC is yet to be issued: 

3. If the SBLC is not issued as yet, then the client’s SBLC issuing bank will send a free message MT199 to the designated bank of the monetizer as per desired verbiage. We will need a free message MT199 direct from the issuing bank sent to our designated bank confirming that it is RWA to issue MT760 within the next 2 to 3 days. Then we can issue a contract and offer an agreed percentage of the issued bank instrument.

4. The Monetizer’s Bank will then reply by MT 199 that it will accept the SBLC or bank guarantee and follow instructions of the monetizer as explained in the DOA after positive verification of the bank instrument.

5. The Client will then send the SBLC in favour of the Monetizer and Swift MT 760 to the designated bank account of the Monetizer. The Issuing Bank will also post the hard copy of the Bank draft to the Monetizing bank by bank courier.

6. After positive verification of the SBLC, the Monetizer’s Bank will follow instructions of the monetizer as explained in the DOA and  might remit the agreed amount to the designated bank account of The Client by Swift MT 103.

7. At the same time commission will be paid to all named intermediaries as mentioned in the DOA.

Payments of the monetized amount might be made as follows.

1. If this is a leased bank instrument, then the LTV might only be 60 to 70% [minus the agreed commission]

[Note: LTV changes with issuing bank & face value of the instrument]

2. If they own the BG or SBLC and want to sell it then the client might get 70 - 80% [minus the agreed commission]

3. If the client wants to put the monetized amount on trade, the trader might offer 70% [minus the agreed commission] and put the monetized amount on trade. A separate trade agreement sent by the trader will spell what they might earn from such trade.

4. Pay out might be in three instalments:

  • 10% of the agreed LTV within first 10 days after positive verification of MT760,

  • 40% of the agreed LTV within next 10 days.

  • Balance 50% in the last 10 days – total pay-out within 30 days.

OR Total payment can be made in one go after 30 days.


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